Society Diary interviews... Sarah Hughes

28 Jun 2024 Interviews

Mind’s CEO speaks to our light-hearted columnist about how she would be a beauty influencer and the celebs she has had dinner with...

Sarah Hughes, chief executive of Mind


Dearest readers, welcome back to another interview from your very own Society Diary.

This week, Mind’s chief executive Sarah Hughes spills the beans about what she would be doing if she wasn’t a charity leader, and the style choice her kids think should be banned.

You can read our exchange below.

How are you? 

“I’m really good, although I’m a bit tired after a big first year at Mind and so I’m ready for my summer holiday!”

Dogs or cats?

“I can’t possibly choose just in case my cat or dog catches sight of this article, they are very sensitive!”

If you could be any character from a film or TV show, who would it be and why?

“Doctor Who. It is a no brainer for me, I would travel the universe with my trusted screwdriver in an outfit to die for! Although I have to say the new Doctor Ncuti Gatwa is wonderful and is exceptionally classy.” 

Name the best sweet treat you have ever eaten. 

“Has to be the Coconut barfi I had with my best friend in India at sunset as we sat by the river Ganges. It was a taste of heaven.”

If you weren’t a charity CEO, what would you be?

“I would be a beauty influencer, I love all things lotions and potions! I get excited by a good get ready with me (GRWM) video or a new anti-ageing cream on the market. I’m not serious all the time…”

What is your favourite genre of music?

“Reggae, dancehall, country and Irish folk, the beautiful music of my childhood.”

Have you ever met a celebrity? 

“I have been very privileged in my career to have met a number of wonderful people in the public eye, some icons and national figures. Mind especially has wonderful ambassadors who have been supporting us in leading the mental health movement for years.

“Moments to remember though include Esther Rantzen making me a cup of coffee at her house, having dinner with Professor Stephen Hawking and being interviewed by Emily Maitlis. I won’t share the stories about meeting MPs but there are plenty of those too.”

As an Arsenal fan, would you rather see the gooners win the league next season or England win the Euros this summer?

“This is a difficult one. I had to seek advice from the expert, ie my husband, and we think that country has to come before club and we want an England win this summer!”

What’s the worst style choice you’ve ever made? 

“Haha, I mean there have been so many, where do I begin? But, the first thing that does come to mind in recent years is probably my bright red cowboy boots which my kids think should be banned. My kids are regularly worried about my style haha.” 

Would you rather go kayaking or trampolining? 

“Errrrrr, neither inspire frankly but the lesser of two evils had to be trampolining where you are less likely to be swimming with the fishes…”  

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