Society Diary: A Christmas pie, Spotify Wrapped and … an ironing board?

01 Dec 2023 Voices

Civil Society’s satirical columnist fills you in on this week’s quirky charity news...

By Pasko Maksim / Adobe

A festive Friday to you, dear reader! Civil Society Towers has been getting in the spirit by making obnoxiously colourful Christmas decorations. We’ve also been coming up with copious excuses to eat baked goods, and collecting common colds as if they were Blue Peter badges. 

Despite the office festivity, this columnist’s cries for the nativity-Broadway-musical have so far been met with silence, presumably as people are missing Diary’s emails. 

Spotify Wrapped

Before we jump into the yuletide charity news, let’s look at Spotify Wrapped, which charities have been having fun with this week. 

The yearly round-up by the popular music app often has people reminiscing about the good times. 

National Trust made its own version of the round-up. For 2023, its top genre was rock (obviously) and its top artists were Belton John and Avril la Ronde. 

Meanwhile, RNLI’s top genre was sea shanties. “Oh buoy,” it said. 

Christmas pies for charity

For the first time in five years, LadBaby (made up of Roxanne and Mark Hoyle), have said they will not be making a Christmas charity single this year. It’s a Christmas miracle, this columnist said, to looks of disapproval. 

Despite the decision, LadBaby’s charity partnership with the Trussell Trust has not ended. Instead, they have both teamed up with Pukka, which has launched its Christmas Dinner Pie, with 10p of every purchase set to be donated to the food bank charity. 

The festive pie features chicken pieces, sage and onion stuffing, chipolata sausages, smoked bacon and gravy. 

Naughty fundraiser sent up hill

They were not called Jill, before you ask (that would just be silly). Fundraisers raised money for charity in August by conducting “extreme ironing” in bizarre places for Dementia UK. 

One of these locations was Ben Nevis, as the three fundraisers took on the Three Peaks Challenge. 

However, the Telegraph reported that the ironing board had been “abandoned” at the summit, to the bemusement of mountain-goers. 

Dementia UK issued a statement asking the fundraisers to collect it, which they will do with bowed heads, no doubt. 

In other news, a study has been released that shows that the most generous name in the UK is Terry. Who knew?

Diary would like to know if this is causative. Are you generous because you are named Terry? Does it have anything to do with sharing a name with a chocolate orange?

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