Society Diary: Charity merch and a very rare green thing

21 Jun 2024 Voices

Civil Society’s comedic columnist summarises some of the latest light-hearted charity news... 

Habeeba Shaikh, digital campaigns assistant, and Aaliyah Burns, senior digital campaigns officer at Freedom for Torture in the charity's merch

Freedom from Torture

Greetings charity sector folk and happy Friday!

With it being t-shirt weather again (for how long, nobody knows), Diary thought they would take a perusal of the charity clothing merchandise on offer...


The animal charity RSPCA has launched a limited-edition clothing range for its 200th anniversary. 

Shoppers can be adorned with an animal of their choosing, whether it be dog, cat, fox, hedgehog or rabbit – with all the profits going to charity. 

Some even have slogans on – such as “easily distracted by dogs” or “I’d rather be at home with my cat”, a shirt this columnist would happily wear into the office. 


The conservation charity RSPB’s merch is also rather fetching, as you can get t-shirts with wildflowers, puffins, goldfinches and more.

The charity has also created a fictional tour t-shirt for the aerial bird swifts called the “Screamin’ Devil-Birds Tour”. 

Admittedly, their call is rather annoying when Diary is trying to have a lie-in. 

The back of the t-shirt lists each month and where in the world it will be heard at that time. Not to worry if you missed them this month – the shirt notes that it’ll be the same tour every year. 

Freedom from Torture

The refugee charity Freedom from Torture also launched limited edition t-shirts recently for refugee week ahead of the election on the 4 July. 

The shirts include slogans such as ‘refugees welcome’ and ‘kindness has no borders’.

Every t-shirt purchased means at least £5 will be sent to Freedom from Torture so torture survivors can access the charity’s services. 

Hulk Xbox

In other news, a very rare Hulk-branded Xbox has fetched almost £8,000 at auction for the British Heart Foundation. 

The limited-edition gaming device was created to promote the 2003 film the Hulk and was one of only 50 ever made. 

It was donated to one of BHF’s charity shops in Oxford and sold for £7,700 on eBay after 62 bids were made. 

Paul Smith, function tester at BHF’s eBay, told BBC News that the device was only available as a prize in a UK cinema scratchcard competition, and only 36 were ever won. 

So far, 20 have been found, he told the news outlet. 

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