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Deborah Fortescue: Fuelling Success Through Digital Maturity

21 Oct 2021 Expert insight

Deborah Fortescue from Digital Wonderlab explains six things that digital maturity can bring to charities

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In today’s increasingly digital first world, every problem we face has a digital solution. Sometimes we can’t quite see it, or we might not know about it yet. How we apply the digital knowledge around us to the business or societal need we are seeking to solve is critical to get us started - given the acceleration of technology within our lives.

We are spending on average 3 hours 37 minutes a day on smartphones, tablets and computers, with around half of us using apps over 11 times a day to communicate, socialise, work, and generally keep ourselves safe and well. 

Our expectations of blending our physical and virtual worlds to enjoy the best experiences are higher than ever, and as organisations we need to consciously engage through technology with those who need it most.

The great news is you can find the answer to moving forward with purpose through Digital Maturity – importantly this is as much about mindset and being curious, enabling us to take a fresh look through a digital lens to survey our landscape now and in the future. It helps us to seek new opportunities, and to confidently mitigate risks to achieve things we never thought possible; but with digital they just might be.

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Here are 6 key things that digital maturity can bring to your organisation:

  • Alignment 
    • Digital needs and ambitions become embedded in strategy, our culture, the way we work across organisations right through to how we delight our customers and beneficiaries.
  • Empowerment
    • Everyone becomes empowered and engaged to contribute and be accountable for making change happen and embracing the digital first future.
  • A User centred approach
    • Putting the user and their needs at the centre of strategy and service development to realise ambitions. And asking how digital can help achieve this.
  • Efficiency and Effectiveness
    • Adding value and using your most important asset (your people) to deliver well using digital in the most beneficial and supportive way.
  • Human +
    • It is not about replacing people or services, but focusing technology upon enhancing, elevating, and improving. Enabling humans to do more, do it better and do it faster by focusing their resources in the right place
  • Reach and scale
    • Technology allows us to reach people that might have been out of reach before, to bring accessibility to information and advice in a way that works for them. And to be able to get to more people at pace.

Whilst we are passionate about seeing how digital can solve problems and working to make it happen through technology with purpose, the reality is that the world is constantly evolving and the decisions we make today pave the way for our future. It’s about being brave enough to take the first steps.

Deborah Fortescue is head of strategy at Digital Wonderlab which has published an e-book on digital maturity


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