Youth Endowment Fund and Comic Relief launch £10m fund to prevent child violence

24 Sep 2021 News

The Youth Endowment Fund (YEF) and Comic Relief plan to spend up to £10m on programmes that prevent children getting involved in violence. 

After a four-month consultation, the funders have decided to focus on four areas: parenting programmes, family therapy, reducing parental conflict and domestic abuse interventions. 

Comic Relief is investing £2m in the partnership. YEF was set up in 2019 with £200m from the Home Office. 

They expect to fund between six and 10 partners and applications open on Monday. 

Throughout September there is a series of workshops for people considering applying and the deadline is 1 December. Shortlisted applicants will be informed in March and take part in a co-design process with evaluators before grants are awarded next September. 

Jon Yates, executive director of the Youth Endowment Fund, said: “Every child deserves a life free from violence. If we’re going to achieve our mission and make that a reality, we need to make sure every child grows up in the supportive home they deserve. 

“This investment with our partners at Comic Relief gives us a unique opportunity to learn how we can best help families of all different types. Then we can use that learning to make sure children who have often experienced adversity very early in their lives are given the services and support they need to keep safe from involvement in violence.” 

Samir Patel, chief executive of Comic Relief, added: “Early intervention with families who need support can have a dramatic effect on the lives of young people. We’re really excited that this programme has been co-designed with young people, they have used their experiences and knowledge and identified the services they would like to see delivered, alongside advice from expert key workers.”

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