Minister 'disappointed' with charities' response to Fundraising Regulator

21 Apr 2017 News

Rob Wilson, former minister for civil society

Rob Wilson, minister for civil society, warned charities yesterday that he is disappointed with fundraisers' response to their new regulator, and has said he may still consider introducing statutory regulation.

He was speaking at the drinks reception for NCVO’s annual conference yesterday, when he urged charities to support the Fundraising Regulator and said he was disappointed by those who had refused to pay the levy. 

He told the audience that while fundraising scandals “may not be on the front pages today” the “issue has not gone away”.

Wilson said that charities had been given a “final opportunity to demonstrate that fundraising self-regulation can work” and it is “now up to the sector to show the public that you can respond to their concerns”. 

 “A lot of really good work has already taken place,” he said. “I'm disappointed that some are refusing to sign up to the levy and support the new regulator.” 

He added that: “The government has the power to introduce statutory regulation if we feel it is necessary and I won’t be afraid to act.”

‘Opportunity to reshape the country’ 

Wilson also reminded charities the process of leaving the European Union means there is a “huge opportunity to reshape the country for the better” and this included everyone getting behind building a strong economy and a society “where everyone knows their voice is going to be heard”.

He said: “We need to build strong bonds within communities and fight hard to end injustices, and not just injustice that we know about but every day injustices hard working families left behind.”

He added that the Shared Society agenda was an opportunity to find new ways of working in partnership. 

Wilson also said he wanted social action to become “the norm at every stage of life” and said that National Citizen Service and plans to encourage more older volunteers were part of this. 

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