Who’s Funding: NFU Mutual Charitable Trust, Motability and more

25 Apr 2022 News

NFU Mutual Charitable Trust

Grants available: £1,000 - £50,000
Deadline to apply: 27 May 2022
Who is the funding for?
NFU Mutual Charitable Trust is accepting grant applications from charities and not-for-profit organisations that support rural communities across the UK. 

The trust wants to fund projects that reflect the NFU's objectives. Some of these are to advance public education, relieve poverty and benefit the social welfare of the inhabitants of rural communities.
When will you hear back?
July 2022

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Help the Homeless

Grants available: up to £5,000
Deadline to apply: 15 June 2022
Who is the funding for?
Help the Homeless is looking to offer grants to registered UK charities that will help homeless individuals reintegrate into mainstream society. 

As Help the Homeless is a small charity itself, it is only able to fund small and medium-sized charities with an annual turnover of under £1m. Charities that apply should have unrestricted reserves of under six months' annual running costs.
When will you hear back?

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The Baring Foundation

Grants available: £20,000 - £60,000
Deadline to apply: 26 July 2022
Who is the funding for?
The funding is for any established arts organisation operating in the UK that is led by global majority communities. Organisations that apply must have been established for two years with proof of audited accounts. 

The pool is targeted at arts organisations developing their work on mental health. 
When will you hear back?
October 2022

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Grants available: £100,000 - £4m
Deadline to apply: until March 2025
Who is the funding for?
Charities can apply for funding to improve accessibility for disabled people by providing access to wheelchairs or other transportation. 

Motability will support medium or large-sized charities that have been active for the last three years and have had an annual income of at least £150,000 for each of these years. Organisations that apply must hold reserves equivalent to three months of operating costs. 

When will you hear back?
Within four weeks of application

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