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Twenty four charities removed from register after investigation

14 Sep 2018 News

The Charity Commission has removed 24 charities from the register after an investigation into organisations which have not filed accounts for two or more years.

The “double defaulters” inquiry looked at 80 charities which have not met their legal duties. As a result, 56 charities have filed accounts, meaning that £25m is now accounted for on the register.

Further action has been launched against five charities and £50,000 of assets has been frozen. 24 charities have been removed from the register because they had stopped operating.

Cymmer Workmens Hall and Institute was investigated after the regulator found it had only one active trustee, and was undertaking non-primary purpose trading. And King’s Church Brentwood was found to have no properly appointed trustees, leaving £50,000 of funds at risk.

Inquiries into governance were also launched into governance and activities at The Great Generation, The Moss Side and Hulme Community Development Trust, and The Dorset Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Support Group.

Harvey Grenville, head of investigations and enforcement at the Commission, said: “Too many trustees are still failing to file on time or properly notify us when a charity has been wound up. 

“This report should serve as a reminder to other trustees that failure to comply with these duties is regarded as mismanagement by the Commission and can result in regulatory action against a charity or its trustees. 

“Trustees who persistently breach this duty and are unwilling to mend their ways face the very real threat of removal or disqualification.”

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