Turn2us rebrands to reach more people struggling financially

26 Oct 2021 News

National poverty charity Turn2us has unveiled its new brand refresh which aims to reach more people struggling financially. 

The charity has changed its strapline to “tackling financial insecurity together” from “fighting UK poverty”. This is to demonstrate their commitment to supporting those affected by financial destitution as well as “the systemic issues keeping 14.5 million people across the UK in poverty”.

Turn2us outlined that the rebrand was to ensure its visual identity “aligned with its purpose and strategy, so it was best placed to reach as many people as possible”. 

Certified Fund Specialist (CFS) Consultants and brand marketing agency, OPX, undertook the rebrand pro-bono. The charity spent around £20,000 to implement the rebrand. This included three photoshoots, the creation of assets, website development and paying co-production partners with lived experience of financial insecurity for their time.

The process took 18 months and was announced yesterday on the charity’s social media platforms.  

‘For whom we exist’  

Thomas Lawson, chief executive of Turn2us, said: “Our new identity - which is an evolution of our existing brand - needed to be much more centred on the people for whom we exist.” 

To implement this goal, Turn2us co-produced the rebrand directly with its service users. Through conducting creative workshops and allowing participants to review designs and language use, those affected by the issues the charity aims to address were able to have their say. 

Aneita Lewis, a Turn2us rebrand co-production partner with lived experience of financial insecurity, said: “As a co-production member, I was able to give my views and felt they were taken on board.”

Turn2us reimbursed the people with lived experience for their time. 

Increase in demand

Turn2us found that the need for the charity has increased over the past year. For example 3.1 million people used its Benefits Calculator function on its website.

Furthermore, 11.6 million people accessed the website’s information pages between April 2020 to October 2021. The charity has also awarded over £6m in grants to 7,640 families across the UK.  

Planning for winter

With the recent cut to Universal Credit and increases in gas and electricity bills, the charity expects the need for its services to increase. 

Turn2us said that “as winter fast approaches, and families across the UK navigate a more uncertain economic period”.

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Editor's note: 27 October 

This story has been updated with additional information from the charity.  


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