Tearfund’s income rises to record £72.8m

08 Jan 2018 News

Tearfund report 2017

Christian international development charity Tearfund has recorded its highest-ever income of £72.8m, according to recently filed documents.

Tearfund’s accounts, which run to 31 March 2017, show the charity’s income rose slightly from the previous year’s record level of £72.2m.

The charity’s income from donations increased by £1.6m, which it said was due to “a particular large increase in legacies left to Tearfund during the year”.

Its income from voluntary donations meanwhile dropped slightly from £7.4m to £7.3m.

Tearfund’s income from contractual services, however, fell by a half year-on-year from £3.8m to £1.9m.

Its accounts say this is due to Tearfund’s contract in the Democratic Republic of Congo to deliver water, health and sanitation improvements being completed in 2015/16 with only monitoring of outcomes continuing into 2016/17.

Tearfund’s expenditure rose from £68.0m to £70.9m, including a more than £1m increase in cost of generating income and an almost £1m rise in spend on charitable activities.

The charity’s number of full-time equivalent staff dropped from 1,228 to 996, despite the UK-based number increasing slightly.

Tearfund’s number of full-time equivalent staff based overseas on local contracts dropped significantly from 757 to 497.

The charity’s chief executive received £90,000 in 2016/17. The senior executives of the organisation earned a combined £519,000, up from £494,000 the previous year.

Tearfund Canada

World Relief Canada has announced that it is joining Tearfund’s global family and will rebrand as Tearfund Canada.

The two previously separate organisations had partnered on numerous projects for many years.

Wayne Johnson, president of what is now Tearfund Canada, said: “For over 30 years, we have partnered with Tearfund on many projects around the world, often with the same local partners.

“This is a natural and fitting progression to that relationship and for our relationship with the individuals and communities we serve around the world.”

Nigel Harris, chief executive at Tearfund, said: “We are thrilled to welcome Tearfund Canada into the worldwide Tearfund family.

“We look forward to working closely together as we continue to go where the need is greatest and help communities around the world escape the very worst effects of poverty and disaster.”


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