Take part in 2021's CRM survey

12 Mar 2021 Announcement

Charity Finance and Fundraising Magazine are running a survey to find out how happy charities are with their CRM packages and what they need to be able to do with their data.

The survey has been running for 14 years and gathers information on what CRM provider charities use, how often they review it, and how satisfied they are with it. The results, which provide an insightful picture of the market, are published on Charity Finance and Fundraising Magazine.

You have until 19 March to fill the survey in. Respondents will take part in a draw to win a £100 John Lewis voucher.

Do feel free to ask colleagues for input if they are better placed to answer certain questions. 

Your information will be reported on an aggregated, non-attributable basis, so please be assured you may answer candidly and in confidence.

Fill in the online survey by 19 March here.

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