SPAC Nation pastor Tobi Adegboyega steps down as leader

27 May 2020 News

The senior pastor of SPAC Nation church, Tobi Adegboyega, is stepping down after 15 years in the role.

He is handing over the leadership role to two of the current pastors: Damy Balogun and Samuel Akokhia. Both are now senior pastors at SPAC Nation. 

Akokhia was Adegboyega’s mentee.

SPAC Nation said: “Pastor Tobi will now go on to do more philanthropic work around the world. The vision for SPAC Nation is to see a generation of liberated from poverty and young people transforming their community from despair to hope.”

Adegboyega said on Twitter that he was leaving to hand over leadership to a new generation, and not for any other reason.


The police are looking into new allegations about individuals associated with SPAC Nation.  No criminal investigation was launched into the 2019 allegations.

The Charity Commission has an ongoing investigation into SPAC Nation, which has always denied any wrongdoing.

Last year concerns about SPAC Nation were raised in Parliament.

Steve Reed, Labour MP for Croydon North, said at the time: “I am convinced that SPAC Nation is a cult.”

He claimed it mainly targets young black people in poorer parts of London, exploiting them for financial gain.

Reed said he was concerned about young people still involved with SPAC Nation. He said: “I am deeply worried that more has not been done to stop this organisation from exploiting vulnerable young people.” 

He said: “They are targeting young people so that they can exploit them and it is imperative that they are stopped.” 

“We surely cannot allow this organisation to continue targeting other young people for abuse and exploitation when it is possible for us to take steps and action to protect them,” he added.

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