Parkinson’s UK sells its headquarters

11 Apr 2022 News

Parkinson’s UK has sold its London headquarters and is now in the process of looking for a new office space. 

The charity said it has been considering the move since 2019 and that its office was “no longer suitable” for the needs of its workforce, which has adapted to more hybrid ways of working. 

For the financial year ending December 2020, Parkinson’s UK had an income of £36m,with a workforce of over 400.

Some 228 of the charity’s staff permanently work from home, while 215 have hybrid contracts and most split their time between being in the office and remote working.

The building has capacity for up to 300 staff and Parkinson's UK says that on average around 50 people are using it every day. 

A spokesperson told Civil Society News: “We didn't need this much space before the pandemic, so we certainly don't need it now.”

Million-pound sale

Parkinson's UK declined to comment on who had bought the property and for how much.

However, the Victoria office on Vauxhall Bridge Road has been advertised for up to £12.5m and appears to have been bought by Westminster Council, which has approved a spend of up to £16.5m on the acquisition of the property. 

After more than 20 years at the property, the charity is now looking to rent a new office in London. Whilst the sale has been made, the buyer has agreed that the charity can stay in the office for up to three years while it looks for a new headquarters. 

Parkinson’s UK is one of many charities shifting its work culture to a more hybrid approach. Last year, RSPCA announced it would sell its headquarters to release funds for investment and take a flexible approach to the workplace. 

'Accessibility and adaptability are key things we’re looking for'

Parkinson's UK is looking for a new head office that will better suit its needs. 

Caroline Rassell, chief executive at Parkinson’s UK, said: “215 Vauxhall Bridge Road has been our home for more than 20 years, but now is the right time for us to move on. It’s clearer than ever that we no longer need as much space, and the space that we do need, has to work better for our colleagues, volunteers, and the Parkinson’s community.” 

Proceeds from the sale will be used to facilitate the office move, ongoing rental expenses and to invest in the charity’s research and awareness work. The charity is looking to downsize. 

Rassell continued: “Staff surveys have shown that they want an office that allows easier and more effective collaboration with colleagues and the Parkinson’s community from across the four nations. This means accessibility and adaptability are key things we’re looking for in our new space - two things that we really don’t have currently, which stop us from being as inclusive as we want to be. 

“This is an important decision and one that we’re determined to get right. That means everything from location and layout, to function and design. We have colleagues, members of the community and experts helping us with our decision making.”

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