Over £100,000 raised by comedian for Refuge on International Women’s Day

09 Mar 2018 News

Richard Herring, a comedian and writer, has raised over £130,000 for domestic abuse charity Refuge by responding to men asking when International Men’s Day is and directing people to a JustGiving page.

Yesterday on International Women’s Day, or what Herring calls “International ‘When's International Men's Day?’ Day”, he spent the whole day responding to men on Twitter who would ask when International Men’s Day is.

As reported yesterday, Herring has spent the last few years on 8 March going onto Twitter searching for people who ask when the male equivalent of the day is taking place, to remind them that it is on 19 November. This year he also directed people to his Justgiving page where he was raising money for Refuge, a charity that supports women and children affected by domestic abuse.

Writing on his JustGiving page, Herring said that most men who ask the question “only seem to care about this on International Women's Day and when November 19th comes along they do nothing”.

He said: “I think some of them think that there wouldn't be an International Men's Day. But there is one. It's on November 19th.

“I do this so that everyone else can get on with celebrating International Women's Day and using it to raise awareness of the issues that affect women. And trying to achieve equality.

“Just like the men who ask when International Men's Day is could do on International Men's Day for men, but generally don't.”



He added: "It's really just a bit of fun to point out how unoriginal people are being and also answer the question that they don't expect has an answer. The answer is November 19th. But as the number of people asking never seems to decrease it's a busy day for me."

A total of 9,128 people have donated over £130,000 to Herring’s JustGiving page, with that number still going up.

Refuge tweeted its thanks for the money raised by Herring.



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