One in six people take part in ‘political giving’, says report

27 Mar 2024 News


One in six members of the public have given to charities to show solidarity with a political cause, according to new research.

Enthuse’s latest Donor Pulse survey reported that 17% of people had taken part in “political giving”, while the same proportion had donated to charities being criticised publicly, known as “inverse giving”.

Some 22% of respondents said they had stopped donating altogether while 27% said they were making fewer donations.

Moreover, 26% said they were making smaller donations and 21% said they were being more selective about the charities to which they donate.

Some 46% of people surveyed said they felt worse off than three months before, with 16% saying they felt better off.

Food (66%) and gas and electricity prices (65%) were the top concerns respondents had about the cost of living, while 19% were worried about job security.

‘Fun’ fundraising events sought

Some 44% said they were likely to get involved in a fundraising event this year with 57% of those under 45s keen to take part compared to 31% of over 45s.

Asked which words best describe their ideal charity event, the top answer given by respondents was “fun” (53%), followed by “sociable” (40%), “a well-known cause” (32%) and “easy to sign up to” (28%).

When it comes to event type, 42% of respondents said they wanted to take part in challenge events and 33% wanted to participate in large group events such as fun runs.

Some 40% said taking part as a team would motivate them to sign up, while 39% said information on how their money would be used was important as well as encouragement from family (33%) and ideas for fundraising (23%).

The biggest barrier to participation was a lack of fitness (45%).

People ‘backing up their views with donations’

Chester Mojay-Sinclare, Enthuse founder and CEO, said: “It’s clear that as we move towards a general election this year, discourse has become quite fraught and people seem increasingly compelled to voice their opinion as a result.

“Many have taken to backing up their views with donations to causes they care about too.” 

“Given the backdrop of a tough economic climate and political tension, it’s not surprising that the public is craving some levity.

“The message to charities is clear when it comes to fundraising events. People want them to be fun and sociable.

“Raising money for a great cause goes hand in hand with that social connection and the charities that can offer that will be the ones that thrive this year.”

For the report, RedFox Research surveyed 2,011 members of the UK public and conducted interviews and analysis in February 2024.

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