One in five people have donated to charity in the past three months

04 Aug 2020 News

One in five Britons have donated to a charity in the past three months, according to data drawn from YouGov Profiles.

Despite the Covid-19 crisis adding financial pressures to many across the country, the research found that 21% of a sample of 83,000 people said they had donated to charity in the past three months.

Donors are more likely to be older people, with 48% being aged 55 and above, compared to 38% of all Britons being this age. 

Moreover, donors are also more likely to be female, 54%, than male, 46%.

The results show that donors are more likely to have given money as a one-off than as part of a regular donation schedule (51% v 43%). One in nine, 11%, gave ad hoc donations as well as giving through structured contributions.

According to the data, the personal income levels of donors are largely identical to those of the population as a whole. Approaching half of the donors, 46%, have between £1 and £499 a month in disposable income, compared to 42% of all Britons.

In terms of causes, donors are most likely to have been donating money to health and medicine charities, 30%, followed by animal charities, 27%. A further one in five, 20%, donate to children and youth charities.

These findings come amidst concern that some charities will not be able to survive the pandemic.

Almost a third of fundraisers and charity professionals fear their charity might close as a result of the coronavirus crisis, Blackbaud’s The Status of UK Fundraising report found. 

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