NPC releases free impact management tools

12 Mar 2018 News

New Philanthropy Capital has released a number of “new, free, impact management tools” for small and medium-sized UK charities and social enterprises all of which will be available online.

NPC announced the launch of these tools today, following a 15-month development process. The tools will be hosted online by Impact Management Programme, a joint digital venture of NPC, NCVO, Impetus-PEF, Social Investment Business, Social Enterprise UK, Social Value UK and Hactar, a design agency.

The tools are aimed at “small or medium charities who don’t have dedicated impact management staff”. The website can be viewed here

The website currently features tabs for charities looking for resources to help with “planning”, “data” and “culture” and also asks “what is impact management”? There is also a data diagnostic tool available.

The data diagnostic takes “five minutes” to complete, and will “provide tailored recommendations for what data an organisation could collect and how to collect it”, according to NPC. 

NPC said the tools and website have “benefited from the involvement of over 100 charities and social enterprises from across England in a co-design process”.

Rob Abercrombie, director of research and consulting at NPC, said: “Staff in charities and social enterprises are experts of their own experiences and they understand the challenges of trying to improve programmes and services with limited resources better than anyone else.

“Our co-design work enabled over 100 people to make a creative contribution to this new approach to online impact management support.”

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