NHS Charities Together plans new strategy to ‘evolve to meet future needs’

01 Sep 2021 News

Volunteers deliver food and essentials to staff at Charing Cross Hospital as part of the NHS Charities Together appeal

NHS Charities Together is working on a new strategy to meet its “future needs and role as an organisation”, its accounts for 2020 reveal. 

The charity experienced a significant boost to its income, with total income reaching £158m, after its Covid-19 urgent appeal raised around £150m, according to its annual report and accounts published today.

This includes the fundraising by Captain Sir Tom who broke three world records and raised over £30m.

These are the first financial statements for the group produced since the incorporation of the charity and its trading subsidiary, so there are no direct prior-year comparisons. Prior to 1 January 2020, the business of the charity was carried out by the Association of NHS Charities.

Total income for the year ending 31 December 2019 at the Association of NHS Charities was just over £388,000. An income of £158m marks an increase in income of more than ​​46,000%.


In August 2020, the charity began revisiting its strategy with its 241 members.

“The year 2021 will be one of collation, reflection and transition for NHS Charities Together as we listen and learn from our member charities and partners about how we can have the most impact for the nation’s health,” the report reads.

There are three emerging areas where it will be focusing its future strategy.

First, on acting as a bridge between NHS and voluntary sector, second through providing extra support for the NHS workforce, and lastly, “investing in and scaling up great ideas that will help prevent illness and long-term conditions”.

Grants totalling more than £110m

In 2020 the charity began its first grants funding programme, with the first of its grant awards being made from 1 April 2020. 

By the end of the year, it had allocated a total of £110m.

Grants from the remaining funds have continued to be awarded during 2021 “with an expectation that they will be fully committed within two years of the appeal finishing”. 

NHS Charities Together now supports 100% of the current eligible hospital, mental health, ambulance and community health services across the country, growing from 60% at the end of 2019.

The member charities hold more than £3bn in assets and generate an annual income of more than £460m.

Some of the main areas grant funding went to was on the creation of outdoor wellbeing spaces, including remembrance gardens.

Grants also provided counselling and psychological support for NHS staff and funded the creation of staff rest areas.

‘We still feel completely blown away’

Ellie Orton, chief executive of NHS Charities Together, said: “Back in March 2020, as the pandemic began to escalate, there was a phenomenal outpouring of support from the UK public for the NHS, and we still feel completely blown away by their generosity. Despite how heartbreaking this time was for all of us, people wanted to show their gratitude and show how much the sacrifices of NHS staff meant.”

She added “we are now facing a long period of recovery,” stressing the need for long term help for NHS workers.

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