Nearly £4m worth of donations still to be distributed a year after Grenfell fire

11 Jun 2018 News

British Red Cross staff sort through physical donations at Grenfell Tower site. Credit BRC/Matt Percival

The Charity Commission has said that more than £3.8m raised in the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower fire last year has still yet to be distributed by charities. 

The Charity Commission sent its latest charitable funds update on Grenfell Tower yesterday afternoon. It shows that £24.5m has been distributed. 

Some £25.5m has been received by distributing organisations and £2.8m is still being held by the original fundraiser.

The one-year anniversary of the fire, which killed 72 people, will be on Thursday 14 June. 

British Red Cross has distributed nearly £7m

According to the Commission’s update, the British Red Cross has nearly donated all of the more than £7.3m it fundraised in response to the Grenfell fire. 

As of yesterday, the British Red Cross have distributed over £6.9m of the funds it raised. The Kensington & Chelsea Foundation have distributed over £5.1m of the more than £6.8m raised, while the Evening Standard Dispossessed Fund and the London Community Foundation have distributed in excess of £6.3m of the more than £6.9m it raised.

Some of the smaller fundraising campaigns have succeeded in distributing all the money they raised, including the more than £1.3m raised by the Community Shield Match Funds and the over £1.9m raised by Art for Grenfell’s Sotheby Auction.

Writing in a blog for Civil Society News, Mike Adamson, chief executive of the British Red Cross, said: "In 2017, the generous British public helped us raise an incredible £284.5m for people in crisis, a record figure. 

“The income growth is largely due to our role in raising money for the people affected by last summer’s domestic tragedies. The Manchester Arena bombing, London Bridge attack and the Grenfell Tower Fire took place within three weeks in 2017. 

“Generous donations from the public, global stars and many businesses enabled us to raise £28m for the victims and their families. 100 per cent of this funding went to those affected.”

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