NCVO's senior leadership take temporary salary reductions

01 May 2020 News

NCVO's senior leadership team have agreed to temporary reductions in their salaries because the umbrella body expects to lose a significant part of its income due to coronavirus.

The reductions have been made for a three-month period until the end of June and will be reviewed.

The temporarily reduced salaries are as follows: Karl Wilding, chief executive at £90,000, Susan Cordingley, deputy chief executive at £85,306, Sarah Vibert, director of public policy and volunteering at £82,306, and Megan Griffith Gray, director of strategy and transformation at £65,845 (£82,306 pro rata for four days a week). 

Wilding was previously on £120,000 and Cordingley's annual salary was £97,306. Both have been in their roles for less than a year.

NCVO employs just over 100 staff, and salaries for the senior management team are set and reviewed annually by a human resources and remuneration committee, a sub-committee of the board of trustees.

At NCVO, 40% of income comes from events or through its conference venue, which raises over £1m a year. Therefore its finances have been significantly affected by the crisis. 

At the same time, like many others, demands for its services have increased. Enquiries have doubled and the number of people using its website has increased by 700% compared to this time last year. 

A spokesperson for NCVO said: “The team felt this was the right decision for us, especially at a time when some of our staff will be seeing their pay reduced as a result of being furloughed. While we are topping up salaries for staff at the lower end of our pay scales, others will still see their pay reduced.”

The umbrella body has said roughly a third of its workforce will be on furlough at any one time. 

NCVO had asked staff to volunteer to be furloughed and people will be off work on a rotating basis. 

“Using the job retention scheme to furlough a proportion of our staff is not a decision we have taken lightly,” states a blog from Cordingley.

“Like everyone, this has been a new experience for NCVO’s senior management team to oversee and staff to participate in. We’ve had to make decisions quickly given there is only a short window of time – currently until June – within which organisations can benefit from the job retention scheme,” it adds.

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