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NCS Bill receives Royal Assent

28 Apr 2017 News

Rob Wilson, former minister for civil society

The National Citizen Service Bill yesterday received Royal Assent, meaning it will become an Act of Parliament.

The NCS Act will work alongside a Royal Charter for the National Citizen Service Trust. It is designed to make sure NCS, the government’s youth volunteering scheme, is delivered “efficiently, effectively and transparently”.

The National Citizen Service, which is run by the NCS Trust, is a youth volunteering scheme which offers placements for 16 and 17-year-olds.

Rob Wilson, minister for civil society, said: “I am pleased that the Bill has received Royal Assent. Many young people value NCS so it is important the programme is delivered well with realistic measurable targets, proper transparency and accountability. This Act will do that.”

The Act will enables the staff and assets of the NCS Trust transfer to a Royal Charter Body; allows government to provider grant-in-aid funding to the NCS Trust; requires the NCS Trust to publish a business plan at the start of each year and produce annual accounts and an Annual Report, ensuring accountability and transparency.

The Act also makes the National Audit Office the auditor of the NCS Trust and promotes NCS by giving government the power to send a letter to young people as they turn 16 on behalf of the NCS Trust.


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