Muslim Aid files qualified accounts, 227 days late

10 Aug 2017 News

Muslim Aid, one of the country’s largest aid charities, has filed its accounts almost eight months late, with a qualification from its auditors.

The charity, which has been subject to a statutory inquiry by the Charity Commission, had an interim manager appointed in October last year after it was unable to resolve issues with its governance. The interim manager is now looking to appoint a new board of trustees at the charity.

The most recent accounts were qualified after an auditor found that a field office in Iraq had not kept proper accounts.

An independent auditor’s statement in the accounts, written by Moore Stephens, said: “The component auditor found that it could not reconcile the opening position of the entity balance sheet as shown in the accounting records to the prior year's published financial statements.

“We consider that the field office did not keep proper accounting records during the year.”

This means that the amount of money held over from the previous year has been reduced by just under £729,000.

The charity’s accounts for the year to December 2015 show an 8 per cent drop in income, from £34.7m to £31.9m, compared to 2014. The annual income for 2014 had been a record for the charity.

The accounts also show that the number of people employed by the charity fell by 761, from 1,862 to 1,101.

The number of employees in the UK rose from 103 to 143, but the number employed in external field offices fell from 1,759 to 958.

Muslim Aid now has under three months to file its next set of accounts.


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