Poll reveals runners' favourite types of causes ahead of the London Marathon

24 Apr 2019 News

Over half of people raising money for charity by running do so for healthcare causes, according to a YouGov poll ahead of the London Marathon this weekend. 

The poll of 113 runners was carried out as part of the Charities Aid Foundation’s UK Giving Report and revealed that 27 per cent runners were supporting a medical research charity. 

Hospitals/hospices and physical/mental healthcare causes were the joint second most popular cause area with 15 per cent each. This was followed by children or young people charities (14 per cent) and homeless people/housing and refugee centres (9 per cent). 

The least popular cause was the arts, with 1 per cent. 

This year’s main charity partner is the Dementia Revolution campaign from Alzheimer’s Society and Alzheimer’s Research UK.

Figures were revealed ahead of this year’s London Marathon on Sunday. 

The event is the single biggest fundraiser in the UK and last year raised a record £63.7m. But it has faced criticism over how charity places are allocated and revealed the system is under review. 

Charitable cause

  • Medical research - 27 per cent
  • Hospitals & hospices - 15 per cent
  • Physical and mental healthcare - 15 per cent
  • Children or young people - 14 per cent
  • Homeless people, housing and refuge centres (UK) - 9 per cent
  • Disabled people (including deaf and blind) - 8 per cent
  • Sport and recreation - 7 per cent
  • Animal welfare - 6 per cent
  • Elderly people - 6 per cent
  • Schools, colleges and education - 5 per cent
  • Other (including rescue services, human rights, benevolent funds and refugees) - 5 per cent
  • Overseas aid and disaster relief - 3 per cent
  • Religious organisations (including churches, mosques and synagogues) - 3 per cent
  • Conservation, the environment and heritage - 2 per cent
  • Arts - 1 per cent
  • None of the above - 6 per cent
  • Don't know - 2 per cent
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