More than 60,000 trustees called either John or David

20 Nov 2017 News

One in 12 trustees are called either John or David, according to research into the register of trustees.

The research is produced by Charity Data, which provides a free searchable version of the Charity Commission database.

The research finds that nine of the top ten most popular names are men, and that the top 20 male names are more popular than all female names put together.

The research is designed to highlight an issue raised in Taken on Trust, research published by the Charity Commission last week, which found that men outnumbered women on trustee boards by almost two to one.

The report highlighted many other issues with trustee diversity, finding that 92 per cent of trustees were white, 51 per cent were retired, 75 per cent were richer than average, and 60 per cent had a professional qualification.

The ten most popular names were:

  • John - 30124
  • David - 30085
  • Peter - 18267
  • Michael - 18020
  • Richard – 14914
  • Andrew - 14132
  • Paul - 13465
  • Robert - 12516
  • Susan - 12095
  • Christopher - 10469


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