Major platform becomes ‘first’ to offer generative AI to fundraisers

23 Aug 2023 News

JustGiving has started offering generative artificial intelligence (AI) technology to its users and says it is the first major fundraising platform to do so in the UK.

The platform introduced a function last week to allow fundraisers to using AI to generate a personal story as part of their pages encouraging donations.

It launched the service after finding that many fundraisers find the task of writing their own personal stories to be too daunting. 

Of the 850,000 fundraising pages created on the platform in 2022, 35% used the site’s pre-written content instead of writing their own, with some users spending as little as a minute to set up their campaigns.

This is despite the platform finding that fundraising pages that include a clear story raise around 65% more than those that do not.

Fundraisers who use the site now do not have to use the AI service, but JustGiving said it hopes the technology will give fundraisers that do use it more confidence to share their pages across their social networks on and offline. 

Pascale Harvie, president and general manager of JustGiving, said: “We know it can be difficult for our fundraisers to write up their very personal stories.

“Yet, those individual stories are the most important part of a fundraising page as they help people across communities understand what they’re doing and why they’re doing it. 

“By using AI in this way as a powerful force for good, it’s our hope that our fundraisers will feel confident to share their JustGiving pages with their friends, family members and across their networks.”

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