Less than half of top charities reveal chief executive pay

03 Oct 2017 News

Only 49 out of the UK’s top 100 charities disclose the pay of their chief executive, according to research published this week by Charity Finance magazine.

The research found that only 16 gave salary details for their full management team, and only nine disclosed salary details on their website.

The rest disclosed the salaries of highest paid individuals in bands, without saying who those individuals were.

Seventeen charities did not even disclose the names of the senior management team.

Charities begin to reveal pay ratios

The survey also found that 15 charities reveal their pay ratios. Four disclose the ratio of the lowest paid staff member to the highest, while 14 compare the highest earner with the median salary across the organisation.

The National Trust has a highest-to-median ratio of 10:1, the greatest disparity among those making disclosures. Unicef had the smallest pay gap, with a 1.9:1 median ratio.


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