JustGiving trials contactless donation app

23 Nov 2016 News

JustGiving has launched a new contactless giving app that will enable donors to donate to charity with a tap of their debit card.

The TapDonate app, which is currently in the development stage, was unveiled on Monday at the Institute of Fundrasing Individual Giving conference.

Once fully developed, the app can be downloaded to a charity device, such as an iPhone or tablet, and programmed with a charity’s branded content. It can also be connected to a PayPal Here card reader to enable a cashless donation to be processed in seconds, according to JustGiving.

The fundraising platform said it was looking for charities to help test the app’s performance against cash donations in a series of trials.

Jonathan Waddingham, senior product manager at JustGiving, said the app would help “grow the world of giving”.

“People are increasingly opting for card payments, rather than carrying cash, and so we want to create an app that will enable supporters to give in the way that suits them,” he said. “In doing so, JustGiving is creating equal opportunities for charities of all sizes to access new types of giving technology.”

Charities can apply to participate in the trial at https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/tapdonate

The trial will take place in the new year after which JustGiving will share the results with its charity partners.

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