JustGiving releases tools to help charities build fundraising apps

22 May 2014 News

JustGiving has released an updated set of tools to help charities build fundraising apps.

JustGiving has released an updated set of tools to help charities build fundraising apps.

JustGiving first made available technology known as global application programming interfaces in 2011, which help users build giving apps. So far 750,000 pages have been created, raising a combined total of £76m.

It has now made a new, more powerful set of APIs available.

It will also improve its own fundraising platform using a new technology, GiveGraph, which contains data about the giving behaviour of 44 million people.

JustGiving says the new technology will make it easier to connect with people with causes they may be interested in and to create a more personalised experience for users.

GiveGraph is currently being tested in 'beta' with JustGiving saying that users will start to see changes in the next few months.

JustGiving worked with Facebook and others when developing the platform. It said it hopes it will transform JustGiving from a UK fundraising platform to a global social platform for giving.

With the new global APIs developers will be able to integrate JustGiving data into fundraising apps in eight currencies. Last summer JustGiving expanded its platform to charities in Ireland, Australia, the United Arab Emirates and Hong.

JustGiving has also launched a global app centre to showcase organisations that have embedded its API into fundraising apps. Examples include the Spotify Guilty Pledges app and Cancer Research UK’s Race for Life.

Anne-Marie Huby, co-founder of JustGiving said she hoped that opening up its global APIs “will appeal to both charities and anyone in the tech community who want to tap into people’s passions”.

She described the GiveGraph platform as “the engine that will power a step change in giving” and said: “We think these will have a radical impact on how people connect with the causes they care about, driving incredible levels of generosity for the benefit of non-profits worldwide.”