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Islamic Relief Worldwide sees 23 per cent growth in partner donations

18 Oct 2018 News

Islamic Relief Worldwide increased its total income by 11 per cent in 2017, following a sharp rise in donations from other Islamic Relief organisations.

The charity’s total income rose from £112.1m to £124.7m, mainly due to increased donations from other Islamic Relief organisations around the world.

Donations from 17 other Islamic Relief charities contributed £77.8m of the worldwide charity’s total income, up from £60.4m the previous year.

Over five years the charity’s income from other branches overseas has more than doubled, while its voluntary income has risen slowly, and its grant income from other institutions has halved from £30.6m to £15.7m.

The charity said this represented a rising growth in support from ordinary donors worldwide, but it also shows a difficulty raising money from governments and other substantial grant-givers.

"Institutional grants continued to decrease, but as was the case last year these were more than made up for by income from Islamic Relief partners," the charity said. "Most partners registered an increase in their donations in response to suffering around the world and the continuing plight of people in Syria and Yemen."

The charity’s trading business, TIC International, suffered during the year. Turnover fell and the business recorded a loss. This was mainly down to the closure of a food canning business owned by the charity.

"Our food canning customers have instead moved away to focus on fresh and frozen meat distribution," the charity said.

The charity spent a record £111m, half of it in the Middle East, on providing relief in the conflicts in Syria and Yemen.

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