IoF launches certification programme for public fundraisers

22 Sep 2017 News

The Institute of Fundraising has announced that it has launched a new certification programme for street, door-to-door, private site and telephone fundraisers today.

The IoF said the certification programme, which has been launched today for public fundraisers, will have three pillars: a self-assessment form, observations of training programmes and a mystery shopping component to ensure that “standards are being consistently met”.

The programme was first announced in February, when the IoF said that "over 90 per cent" of its members supported the idea. 

According to the fundraising membership body, the certification programme is designed to “work alongside the stronger regulatory environment for the fundraising profession, and builds on the existing measures in place from the IoF to support members”.

Nearly 30 charities and agencies already certified

The IoF has published a “list of those agencies and charities that have completed the certification process” on its website.

It shows that 28 charities and agencies have already completed the certification programme, while a further 19 have been “provisionally” certified, pending completion of training observation. Another five organisations are in the process of applying for the programme.

Some of the organisations already certified include the British Red Cross, Greenpeace and the RSPB. 

Certification sends ‘important message’ says Hills-Jones

Peter Hills-Jones, director of compliance and former chief executive of the Public Fundraising Association, said the certification programme sends an “important message” to the public and wider sector.

“I congratulate our members who have shown their commitment to excellent fundraising and high standards by taking part in the programme. This work also demonstrates, one year after the merger between the IoF and the PFRA, how much more the IoF can offer our members and the fundraising community.

“It sends an important message that these IoF members are part of the recognised and respected certification programme. We would encourage any organisations operating outside this programme to step up and take part in the future.”   

Stephen Dunmore, chief executive of the Fundraising Regulator, welcomed the launch of the programme. He said: “The IoF’s new certification programme, along with the launch of the Fundraising Regulator’s third party registration, will send a clear message to the public that those who sign up are fully committed to high fundraising standards.”


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