Intermediaries can now use annual Gift Aid declarations

31 Jan 2017 News

HMRC building

Fergus Burnett

Donors can now make one gift aid donation for each digital platform they used, instead of one each time they make a donation, HM Revenue & Customs has confirmed.

The announcement yesterday will make it easier for people who give to a number of campaigns with different charities to do so under Gift Aid. But charity infrastructure bodies have criticised the fact that text donations are not included in the changes.

In order to agree declarations an intermediary must inform donors about the fact they have to pay enough tax, allow donors to cancel at any time, and produce an annual statement which allows donors to understand the amount they paid in the previous tax year.

Intermediaries must also keep donor records for six years.

In responses to a consultation on the changes, which closed in October last year, the Charity Finance Group and Charity Tax Group both said they are disappointed that the changes do not cover text giving, which currently has low levels of gift aid take-up.

And they both said they were opposed to the requirement to send an annual statement.


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