Income at Captain Tom Foundation halves amid ongoing inquiry

07 Sep 2023 News

Captain Tom Moore

Captain Tom Foundation’s total income has more than halved since the previous year, according to newly filed accounts. 

Its financial accounts for the 18-month period from June 2021 to November 2022 show income of £403,000 compared with £1.1m in the previous 13 months. 

It comes after the charity halted all fundraising activities this July after allegations that family members of the late fundraiser had used the charity's name to build a spa and pool complex. 

There is an ongoing statutory inquiry by the Charity Commission. The charity is entirely reliant on donations and grants. 

Its annual fundraising event Captain Tom Day was postponed last March because of the ongoing regulatory scrutiny.

For 2021-22, some £399,000 of the charity's income came from donations, while the remaining £4,000 was sourced from grants. 

The charity's accounts read: “The Charity Commission intervention in February 2022, and the subsequent statutory inquiry has had a massive adverse impact on the charity, our ability to raise new funds and deliver operational activities.”

Captain Tom’s daughter paid over £60,000 to be interim CEO

Hannah Ingram-Moore was paid £63,800 to be interim CEO at the charity for nine months, according to its latest filed accounts. 

Financial accounts for the 18-month period from June 2021 to November 2022 show Ingram-Moore was paid £7,600 for travel and administration expenses. 

Following the conclusion of Ingram-Moore’s tenure as interim CEO, founding trustee of Holocaust Memorial Day, Jack Gilbert was appointed in April 2022.

This was “in the hope that regulatory matters could be progressed more quickly and that we can regroup and rebuild”, the accounts read. 

However, the trustees made the decision to end the CEO’s contract and close all payment channels while the statutory inquiry into the charity remains open. 

The charity does not say that it has a new chief executive in its accounts.

Its accounts state that with the ongoing statutory inquiry, potential new trustees all withdrew their applications and they have not been able to progress matters to appoint more. 

The three trustees of the charity, which include David Colin Ingram-Moore, did not receive any remuneration for their roles.

Staff costs over the 18-month period came to £180,000.

Civil Society has approached the charity for comment.

£24,200 paid to company linked to Ingram-Moores

Expenditure at the charity rose to £681,000 for the 18-month period. Some £210,000 of this was given out in grants, an increase of 31% on the year prior (£160,000).  

The remaining £465,000 was spent on its charitable activities, the accounts state. 

During the period no payments were made to Club Nook Limited, a company under the control of Hannah Ingram-Moore where Hannah and David Colin Ingram-Moore are directors. There were payments of £16,100 to the company the previous year. 

Payments of £24,200 were made to Maytrix Group Limited, a company under the joint control of Hannah and David Colin Ingram-Moore. 

These payments were made in respect to office rental and telephone costs. The payments to the company for 2020-21 amounted to £37,900.

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