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Human Appeal partners with US charity to support Syria and Iraq

18 Jan 2022 News

Human Appeal UK has partnered with the US charity Globus Relief to deliver projects in Syria and Iraq.

Together, the charities will distribute $2.5m (approximately £1.8m) worth of medical supplies to at least 24 healthcare centres across northwest Syria and Iraq.

Human Appeal says this partnership will go towards strengthening healthcare systems in the countries, and expects to help 115,500 people gain access to health services. Shipments of the medical supplies are already underway.

Globus Relief is a humanitarian organisation and its mission is “to unite non-profits to save lives and relieve suffering of those who are in need of basic healthcare”.

Human Appeal has collaborated with the US charity since last year, when they successfully delivered medical supplies to Dar Al-Shifa hospital in Tripoli, Libya.

The impact of Covid-19 

Both Syria and Iraq have largely been taken over by the terrorist group Islamic State (IS). Syria has also been at war for over 10 years, which has left over 380,000 people dead, as well as 2.1 million civilians gaining injuries or permanent disabilities from the conflict. 

The pandemic has put additional strain on the countries. Covid-19 cases are currently rising in the regions, putting an increased pressure on healthcare. According to Worldometer's statistics, there are currently 50,748 Covid-19 cases in Syria and over two million in Iraq.

The humanitarian aid charities hope to combat the pressure this is putting on healthcare services in the regions through its projects.

'An ideal partner'

Dr Mohamed Ashmawey, CEO of Human Appeal, said: “Globus Relief is a leader in the field of medical supplies, making it an ideal partner for us when it comes to getting vital healthcare supplies and equipment to crisis regions around the world. The Covid-19 situation in Syria in particular is worsening by the day, and with their support we can swiftly provide greatly needed medical supplies and assistance to an area already in urgent need of assistance to limit the spread of the virus, particularly in winter.”

Globus Relief is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, and is rated four out of a potential four stars by Charity Navigator, a rating system for US non-profits. The charity was created by two businessmen in 1996, and has distributed $1bn worth of medical supplies across the world since it began.  

Shaimaa AlWassiti, Globus Relief’s president, adds, “A new chapter in Globus Relief’s global partnerships has begun with our collaboration with Human Appeal. There are few organisations with the local knowledge and presence as Human Appeal has in these regions, and now in the midst of winter, it is imperative the medical supplies reach the vulnerable.”

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