Highest ever income reported at World Vision UK

02 Jul 2015 News

World Vision UK has reported its highest ever income of £71.8m, according to the charity’s latest set of accounts.

World Vision UK

World Vision UK has reported its highest ever income of £71.8m, according to the charity’s latest set of accounts.

The figure marks a jump of £5.1m from the previous year and an increase of £10.8m from the same period five years ago.

Much of that increase – some £6.1m - came from donations given for emergencies. Appeals by the Disasters and Emergency Committee brought in £4.3m – up from £900,000 the previous year – while other emergency appeals generated £1.8m – up from £751,000 in the financial year ending 2013.

The charity’s UK costs increased by £517,000 over the course of the year ending 30 September 2014. An additional £416,000 was spent on advertising, bringing the total advertising expenditure for the year up to £1.2m. Some £543,000 more than the previous year was spent on research and consultancy – at £1.2m.

The cost of staff worldwide also increased slightly with wages and salaries rising from £6.3m in 2013 to £6.6m in 2014.

The highest earner received between £100,000 and £110,000 over the course of the year. The previous year that figure was between £90,000 and £100,000.

Outgoing chief executive Justin Byworth, who stepped down at the start of this year, said in the report’s introduction he was “privileged to witness countless stories of transformation” during his 26 years with the charity and five years as chief executive.

“Bringing lasting change in the world’s hardest places is a marathon not a sprint,” he said. “As I hand the baton on to others I want to thank the incredible World Vision supporters I’ve encountered along the way, from Edinburgh to Bristol, from Cumbria to the city of London and from Wales to Westminster, who in helping transform the lives of children have, like me, found themselves transformed.”

The charity’s new chief executive Tim Pilkington will start permanently this month.

Chair Mark Sheard, said 2014 was a “special year” for the charity, with a “record number” – over five million - of “vulnerable children” supported in the “world’s hardest places”.

“I would like to particularly acknowledge the passion and compassion demonstrated by Justin Byworth as he stands down after more than five years in post as our chief executive,” he said.

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