'Hard Brexit' charity Legatum under scrutiny from Commission and MPs

04 Dec 2017 News

The think tank Legatum, which has courted controversy with its stance on Brexit, is under scrutiny from the Charity Commission and a committee of MPs.

The charity recently published a controversial position paper calling for trade liberalisation, and media reports say that it has held frequent meetings with the ministers negotiating Brexit.

The Charity Commission has now said it will be “engaging with the charity’s trustees” to discover whether its recent behaviour is for the public benefit.

A spokeswoman said: “We are aware of media and Parliamentary interest in the Legatum Institute Foundation, a charity with objects to promote education. We will be engaging with the charity’s trustees, to seek assurances that they continue to comply with our guidance on the advancement of education for the public benefit and that they are actively protecting and promoting the charity’s independence”.

According to reports in The Sunday Times this weekend, the intelligence and security committee will also look into the institute.

“Dominic Grieve, chairman of the intelligence and security committee, told The Sunday Times that he would ‘scope’ the institute as part of preparations for investigation into Russian activities against the UK,” the paper reported.

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