Fundraising Regulator wants to ‘expand’ Code for digital fundraising platforms

04 Oct 2017 News

The Fundraising Regulator plans to “update and expand” the standards in the Code of Fundraising Platform around digital giving platforms.

According to an update issued by the Charity Commission yesterday, the Fundraising Regulator is seeking to update and expand the standards in the Code of Fundraising Practice relating to online fundraising platforms. The fundraising watchdog has also invited online fundraising platforms to contribute to the review.

The Commission’s release stated that the issue was raised at the joint online giving summit held with the Fundraising Regulator last week. Representatives from 14 such platforms were invited to attend.

Fundraising Regulator ‘occasionally receives complaints’ about giving platforms

The update issued by the Charity Commission also said that the Fundraising Regulator “occasionally receives complaints from the public related to online giving platforms”. However a spokesman from the Fundraising Regulator said the watchdog could not provide exact numbers of public complaints it has receive related to online giving platforms.

According to the Charity Commission, platforms in attendance at last week’s summit agreed to “engage with the Fundraising Regulator to share information about their complaint processes and address any areas of concern”.

Platforms at the summit also confirmed “their commitment to transparency on fees and charges and will work together with government and regulators to explore how this can be improved”.

Online giving platforms 'stand ready' to help government review

At the online giving summit, the issue of “tension between the speed of public response to disasters and high-profile humanitarian events and the pace with which charities can distribute funds raised to beneficiaries” was also discussed.

The issue has become particularly pertinent in light of recent public and media criticism of the time it has taken funds raised for the Grenfell Tower fire to reach those affected.

According to the Charity Commission, digital giving platforms attending the summit “stand ready to contribute their expertise to further work reviewing the government and civil society response to humanitarian crises in the UK”.

The Fundraising Regulator has also invited all online giving platforms not in attendance at last week’s summit to engage with it on all the issues raised. 


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