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Fundraising Regulator sends invoices for second round of levy

06 Sep 2017 News

The Fundraising Regulator has begun the process of sending out invoices for the second round of its annual levy on fundraising spend, it said today.

The regulator made the announcement today in its monthly newsletter, and said each organisation which has spent £100,000 or more a year on fundraising will receive a letter from Stephen Dunmore, the regulator’s chief executive, requesting payment of the second round of the voluntary levy.

The regulator said that each organisation “will be levied according to the tiered system used for Levy Year 1” and said that while the levy calculation “remains the same” from the first round, “we have added some flexibility on the measure of fundraising expenditure that can be used”.

In a statement on its website, the regulator said "may also be prepared to base the levy calculation on reported ‘Expenditure on Fundraising Costs’ in the most recent financial year for which an Annual Return has been submitted to the Charity Commission", should a charity prefer. 

A spokeswoman for the regulator said: “The Year 2 levy is being calculated on the same basis as Levy Year 1, based on annual returns to the Charity Commission for 31 December 2014. The flexibility is where the charity has been in touch because more recent information in their annual returns shows their fundraising expenditure has changed and we will take that into account in agreeing the levy they pay.”

The regulator said that it expected to send letters to “around 2,000 charities”, much in line with the amount of charities invoiced in the first round. Although a spokeswoman for the regulator said it would “send out around 1,600 levy requests during September and October”.

She said the letter will go out in batches and “those organisations not paying or replying to the Year 1 levy request” will still be invoiced.  

A list of charities which had and had not contributed to the first round of the levy, published last week by the Fundraising Regulator, featured 1,570 charities, of which 1,409 had paid. A further 95 organisations “still in negotiation” with the regulator regarding the first round of the levy were not included on the list. 

The regulator also confirmed it was now working with charities which fall within the scope of its levy in Northern Ireland, and planned to send out "invoices seperately" to such organisations in the coming months. 


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