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Free risk management guide for charities published

25 Apr 2018 News

The Institute of Risk Management (IRM) has published a free guide for charities to help improve their risk management structures.

Risk Governance for Charities is aimed at everyone working for a charity from volunteers to the leadership team to trustees.

Co-author of the guide Alyson Pepperill, chair of IRM’s charity special interest group (SIG), said: “Risk management is often viewed as a complex discipline – but we beg to differ and are here to offer practical information to help you manage risk within your organisation.

“Our getting started leaflet and supplementary guidance demonstrated that risk management is something often undertaken intuitively, with a little structure this can be embedded into an organisation to help it achieve objectives, support successful strategic planning, and reassure people at all levels that uncertainty and risk are being considered and managed appropriately.

“Integrating risk management into strategic planning can also result in new and different opportunities being identified.”

Co-author Roberta Beaton, corporate risk and performance manager at the Nursing and Midwifery Council, said: “Implementing a clear structure for decision making is crucial to successful risk management and requires the engagement and awareness of various layers of stakeholders across the organisation.

“Although trustees are ultimately accountable for managing risk they should be supported by the organisation to enable them to fulfil this role effectively.

“In this guide we examine the structures charities can use to make effective risk decisions and present options for small, medium and large charities.”

Civil Society Media is hosting its risk management for trustees course on 6 September 2018. Find more information, or book, here.



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