Former charity chief executive jailed for six years after £180,000 fraud

18 Jul 2018 News

A former charity chief executive has been jailed after stealing over £180,000 from his charity.

Philip Bujak, 58, of Chelwood Gate, Haywards Heath, was sentenced to six years in prison after a series of frauds over a seven year period against Montessori St Nicholas.

Following an investigation by the City of London Police’s Fraud Squad, Bujak was found guilty of three counts of fraud by false representation, one count of conspiracy to defraud, and one count of fraud by abuse of position.

Bujak was subject to two separate trials for different offences against the charity. The first related to misuse of charity funds on a number of occasions to pay for personal stays in hotels, restoration of artwork, and, on one occasion, a facial.

The second related to a fraud around the sale of one of the charity’s properties in south west London. A company called Foris Fortuna was used to sell the property, and Bujak made a deal which involved a secret payment of £100,000, as well as VAT fraud of £50,000 on the part of the company.

Jacqui Owen, the investigator who led the case for the City of London Police, said Bujak had “abused his position of trust.”

“As the CEO of the charity he was able to control everything and went to considerable lengths to conceal these frauds,” she said. “He worked together with his friends to pull the wool over the eyes of the charity.

“The City of London Police has worked tirelessly with the charity to investigate this case and make sure that Philip Bujak was brought to justice and made to realise the sheer immorality of his crimes.”

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