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More people engaged with charity emails during the pandemic

21 Jul 2021 News

More people opened and clicked on emails from charities in 2020 than in years prior to the pandemic, according to new research. 

The Data & Marketing Association (DMA) published its annual  Email Benchmarking Report 2021 yesterday, which ranked not-for-profit as the best performing sector for click rates. 

Nine email marketing service providers (ESPs), provided data to the DMA and the sample covers over 158 billion emails sent from January to December 2020. This data was collated and analysed by the DMA insight department.

With a click rate of 6.9% the not-for-profit sector recorded an increase of figure at 3%, compared to last year. It is also the highest value since the study began. The average click rate across all sectors is 2.3%.

The report suggests that charities connected with the medical and social support systems have registered a high level of engagement. 

Tim Bond, director of insight at the DMA, said that “an increased sense of compassion and altruism” may have brought people to engage with charities.

Open rates up to 26%

In terms of open rates, the charity sector also saw the highest returns this year with 26.1%, up 5% from last year. 

“The impressive increase could be justified by many people willing to help, either by offering money or time to support others in need – especially for charities playing a key role during the pandemic,” reads the report.

Utilities companies saw open rates of 24%, while other sectors reported open rates of around 20%. 


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