WaterAid among eight charities to join Legacy Foresight

05 Jan 2017 News

Legacy Foresight has announced that its Legacy Monitor for 2017 has grown, with eight “well-known” charities joining the research consortium. 

In a statement, Legacy Foresight confirmed that the total number of charities now involved in its annual legacy benchmarking consortium has grown to 84

The eight charities are: Amnesty International UK, Arthritis Care, Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland, Children with Cancer, Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, Practical Action, Wakefield Hospice and WaterAid. 

The news comes after what was a solid year in terms of total legacy income growth for consortium members in 2016. Across the quarterly benchmarking overviews, consortium members saw around 10 per cent increases in total legacy income in the summer and autumn quarters, compared to the same periods in 2015. 

In its last overview in November, Legacy Foresight said its consortium members saw total legacy income rise 8.5 per cent to £1.4bn, with 51,600 legacy notifications. 

Legacy Foresight said that, with the growth of its consortium, “2017 looks set to be a very interesting year”. 

The eight charities join the likes of Cancer Research UK, British Red Cross and Macmillan Cancer Support who are also part of the 84 strong consortium. 


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