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Morrisons launches new ice cream to raise money for CLIC Sargent

20 Mar 2019 News

Morrisons and CLIC Sargent have launched a new flavour of ice-cream that they hope will raise £45,000 for the charity.


The new flavour is candyfloss and apple was the winning ice cream flavour for young people from CLIC Sargent and will be sold across the UK at Morrisons stores, with 15p per ice cream tub going from the supermarket chain to the charity.


It was developed with the help of young ice cream taste testers supported by the charity for young people affected by cancer.


Albie Noble from Huddersfield was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia in summer 2017 when he was five years old and ate nothing but ice cream for a week.


He was part of a group of ice cream fans supported by the UK charity who helped choose a winning flavour for Morrisons at a tasting party.


Albie’s mum, Annie James, said: “We loved attending the tasting party at Morrisons, it was great for Albie to be with others facing similar situations, just being able to have fun and to feel normal.


“It was also lovely to chat to other parents, while of course tasting lots of delicious ice cream. Albie and his brother couldn’t get enough of all of the different flavours to choose from!”


Emily Bell, ice cream buyer at Morrisons, said: “We loved being able to hold the ice cream tasting for some of the families CLIC Sargent helps, it was a real party atmosphere and we’re delighted that Albie is such a big fan of the candyfloss and apple.”


“We wanted to create a fun flavour that the whole family can enjoy.”


Raised £7.5m since 2017


Morrisons has worked with CLIC Sargent since 2017 and has already raised £7.5m, which meant that CLIC Sargent could give more than 5,000 grants to help families with the financial costs of cancer.


The funds will also go toward a team of nurse educators who are working with community hospitals to deliver confident cancer care on a local level to families and patients.


Albie’s mum said: “You can tell Morrisons really care about their partnership with CLIC Sargent and they do so much to help make a difference.


“We really love how Morrisons and CLIC Sargent organise things for the whole family to get involved in, it helps bring normality to our situation even though Albie is poorly.


“CLIC Sargent has helped us so much, they provided a grant when Albie was diagnosed which helped with parking and petrol costs and assigned us a social worker to support our older son, giving him someone to talk to, we can’t thank them enough.”



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