Dan Corry to step down as NPC chief after 13 years

22 May 2024 News

Dan Corry is CEO of NPC


Dan Corry has announced that he will be stepping down as chief executive of New Philanthropy Capital (NPC) after almost 13 years at the helm. 

Corry will leave the think tank in October after its annual NPC Ignites conference and told Civil Society he does not have another role lined up. 

The former head of policy at Number 10 said it was purely “coincidence” that he was leaving the role before an upcoming general election.

“I want to go and do something different, I’m not sure what it will be, but we shall see,” he said. 

Corry mentioned that he had recently been appointed as chair of the Carer’s Trust, is also a trustee of homelessness charity St Mungo’s and has a book of short stories set to be published

Charity sector ‘taking impact more seriously’

Corry told Civil Society that NPC under his leadership had focused on “trying to improve the impact of the social sector and individual charities”.

He said that since he took up the role in 2011, NPC had helped to put impact measurement “on the map”, which made for a “stronger, more impactful charitable sector.”

As a result, he said he now saw “a sector that’s taking impact more seriously”.

“The big thing that I’ve constantly been saying to the sector is never lose your passion and mission, but try and align it to thinking hard about how to improve your impact,” he said.

“If we made a contribution to that during my time, then that would have created a lot more social good, and that’s not bad.”

However, Corry, who was senior adviser on the economy from 2008 to 2010 during Gordon Brown’s government, said the charity sector now faced increased financial challenges.

“It’s got some serious problems to do with the funding environment for charities and public services, which probably was only starting to happen when I started,” said Corry, who was also previously chair of the council of economic advisers at the Treasury. 

NPC said it would begin the open recruitment process for its next chief executive today with the agency Green Park. 

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