Daily Mail apologises to RSPCA over inaccurate stories

13 Oct 2016 News

RSPCA logo

The Daily Mail has apologised to the RSPCA for two negative articles about the charity, accusing it of putting down someone’s pet cat.

The correction, which appeared online and on page 2 of Monday’s Daily Mail, said: “An article on August 22 ‘RSPCA rehomed our missing cat and refuse to tell us where he is’ claimed that the RSPCA had wrongly rehomed a cat, while refusing to tell its former owners where it lived, and unnecessarily put down another cat. In fact, we now accept that the RSPCA were not responsible in either case and apologise for suggesting otherwise.”

Klare Kennett, RSPCA assistant director of external relations, marketing and communications, said in response to the clarification: “It took a while but we are pleased that The Daily Mail has finally admitted that both stories were incorrect and that the RSPCA did nothing wrong.

“We strive to have a good relationship with this paper and value the positive coverage given to the hard work of the RSPCA in saving animals so incorrect stories like this are unhelpful.”

In August the newspaper claimed that RSPCA had passed a missing pet to Cats Protection for rehoming, without properly checking for a microchip. Separately the Mail criticised the charity for putting a missing pet to sleep. 


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