Criminal justice charities' funding 'squeezed'

07 Feb 2019 News

Funding for criminal justice charities has been “squeezed” creating a burden for the sector, a charity think tank and consultancy has found.

In a report, How are charities influencing change in the prison system?, New Philanthropy Capital (NPC) said that a combination of a lack of resources and a rising prison population has put pressure on the charity’s ability to carry out its work in prisons.

The report argued that the lack of funding means charities cannot access prisons. They said this in turn means those funding the charities lose confidence and charities receive even less money, impacting their operations furthermore.

“Charities are struggling to access people in prison, and they are navigating a complicated and uncertain policy landscape,” the report said.

The report comes amid a rising prison population which is at around 82,000 currently. Meanwhile, from 2010 to 2010, it is estimated that there will have been cuts in public expenditure by the Ministry of Justice of 40 per cent.

As well as discussing the challenges to these charities, the report analysed how charities influence change to policymakers, the public and to the social sector and highlighted the role that storytelling has in influencing people.

The report said: “We want people in prison to have access to the services they need, and for the prison system to be humane and effective at rehabilitation.”

“Charities are crucial to making this vision a reality.”


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