Commission looking at ‘charity’ linked to firm under police investigation

20 Jul 2017 News

The Charity Commission has said it is investigating a complaint about an organisation calling itself as a charity and seeking donations from the public, which is connected to a virtual currency company currently being investigated by the City of London police. 

As-Sabur Global registered with Companies House, but not the Charity Commission, earlier this year. Its articles of association describe it as a charity, but it has not applied to register as a charity. 

It has launched a website giving details of projects to support victims of domestic violence, child trafficking, and provide shelter for vulnerable people and has published a promotional video on YouTube asking for donations. 

As-Sabur Global has also announced a partnership with OneCoin, a cryptocurrency company. As-Sabur’s founder and only company director, Mohammed Aklim Uddin Saleh Ahmed, appeared with the OneCoin founder Ruja Ignatova in a promotional video. 

In an online announcement about the partnership posted on a website, One Dream Team, which posts “official statements” on behalf of OneCoin, it said: “We suggest you take a look at this brilliant initiative by an Absolutely Genuine person” and urges readers to “donate, like, subscribe and share the video as 100 per cent of the monies raised from social media will be distributed by the charity”. 

Concerns about OneCoin 

OneCoin was set up in Bulgaria and describes itself as “a digital currency, based on cryptography and created through a process called 'mining'”. 

But following an investigation by the Mirror, which claimed the scheme “doesn't add up” City of London Police began an investigation. 

In September last year the Financial Conduct Authority issued a warning urging customers to be “wary of dealing with OneCoin”

It said: “This firm is not authorised by us and we do not believe it is undertaking any activities that require our authorisation. However, we are concerned about the potential risks this firm poses to UK consumers.” 

Complaint to Charity Commission 

A Charity Commission spokesman said: “As-Sabur Global is not registered with the Charity Commission and has not made an application to register. The Commission has received a complaint about the organisation and is assessing this to determine whether there is a role for the Commission. 

“The Commission’s longstanding safer-giving advice is for the public to only give to registered charities and check whether a charity is registered on the Commission’s online register.” 

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