Charity sector income rises by £5bn in two years

26 Oct 2017 News

The charity sector had a total income of £74.4bn last year, according to the latest accounts and annual returns filed with the Charity Commission in the year to June 2017. 

June’s figures show that total income was £74.4bn. This is an increase of £5.8bn on two years ago. Most the income (£38.92bn) derives from charitable activities, followed by voluntary income (£22.59bn). The rest is made up from trading, investment and a small amount of ‘other’ income. 

Commission figures are updated periodically, and are historical figures based on accounts filed in the year. Most sets of accounts will cover the years up to March 2016, December 2016 and March 2017. 

Total sector spending was £71.8bn. Most of this, £62.55bn, was on charitable expenditure. The sector spent nearly £3bn on generating voluntary income and £0.8bn on governance. 

The charity sector workforce was just over a million. 


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