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Charity Commission adds safeguarding section to Covid-19 guidance

26 Mar 2020 News

The Charity Commission has added information on keeping people safe during the pandemic to its coronavirus advice for the sector.

Its guidance states: “This pandemic is already giving rise to that spirit of charity and community that brings people together, and we appreciate and value that people will want to help others during the challenges we are all facing. 

“But now more than ever it is critical to ensure that charities protect and safeguard their beneficiaries, volunteers and staff. This is all the more relevant for those directly helping communities or vulnerable members of society who are self-isolating.”

The regulator has emphasised its guidance on safeguarding and protecting people for charities and trustees, including how to manage risks, and policies and procedures to be aware of.

SORP update

Yesterday the Charities SORP-making body issued guidance. It warns that government measures to limit the spread of the virus have “potential implications for charity income, expenditure and commitments, and the value of charity assets and liabilities. In some cases, the implications may be so severe as to cast doubt upon a charity’s financial sustainability.” 

The regulator has previously said that charities which need an extension to their annual return deadline due to the coronavirus pandemic should contact the Commission.

Its guidance also has sections on holding virtual meetings and managing finances. 

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