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Charity representative bodies publish briefing for next government

19 May 2017 News

Eleven of the sector’s representative bodies have published a briefing for politicians outlining ways the next government could work with the sector.

The Charity Finance Group, Navca, Institute of Fundraising, Acevo, Locality, Children England, Ethical Property Foundation, Association of Charitable Foundations, Small Charities Coalition and Social Enterprise UK have offered three examples of how the next government could support charities.

They call for reform the tax system to reduce the burden on charities and community interest companies, more investment in community assets, and a review of the Social Value Act.

Caron Bradshaw, chief executive of CFG said: “I am delighted that the leading sector bodies have come together to develop a shared vision for the sector. We know that our vibrant and diverse sector is key to driving economic growth and bringing together an increasingly fractured society. This election offers us the opportunity to reinvigorate our dialogue with the major political parties and put forward a positive vision for working with the new government.”

John Barrett, chief executive of Small Charities Coalition, said: "Small charities frequently find the barriers to engaging too high. Now is a vital time for collaboration across the sector to ensure that these voices are heard, and that the positive difference charities make within society is recognised. We are encouraging all political parties and the new government to ensure they take a strategic approach to engaging with these small but vital organisations."

Carol Mack, chief executive of ACF, said: “Whichever party forms the next government, the country faces big decisions about its future. Civil society has a vital part to play in shaping that future and we look forward to working with government to maximise civil society’s contribution and voice at this critical time.” 

Neil Cleeveley, chief executive of Navca, said: “The House of Lords Select Committee on Charities called for infrastructure bodies to work more closely together. Something we fully support. I am delighted we’ve agreed three asks that any incoming government will be able to implement. They are relatively modest but will result in a great deal of good for the voluntary sector.”

The Conservative Party, Labour Party and Liberal Democrat Party have now told CFG that they are committed to engaging with the sector.  


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