Charities ‘deserved more than a passing mention’ from politicians

09 Jun 2017 News

John Low, chief executive of the Charities Aid Foundation, has said he is disappointed about how little charities featured during the general election campaign, at the Charity Awards last night. 

He was speaking last night, before exit polls were announced, when presenting the Overall Award for Excellence to The Clink Charity.

"Seriously, haven't you been disappointed how little charities have featured during the general election campaign," he said.

“The world-changing, life-improving work of charities warranted no more than a passing mention in any of the manifestos," Low said. "You deserve more.” 

He said “the reason why charity is so ingrained in our way of life and people are so inspired to lend their support is because of you”.

Low added that, unlike soundbites from politicians, charities will “still be relevant tomorrow morning”. 

CAF is the Overall Partern of the Charity Awards, the longest-running and best-recognised awards ceremony for the charity sector, which is organised by Civil Society Media, and took place last night at the Pavilion at the Tower of London.


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